Paolo Vernazza

pvernazzaPaolo Vernazza is Head of Football UK and a Director of Platinum One.

Paolo played in the FAPL and the Champions’ League for Arsenal before he joined Watford at the age of 21 where he made 96 appearances in the FAPL and the Championship. Paolo won two Under 21 caps for England but by his mid twenties his career had gone into decline and after a few years in the lower divisions he found himself playing non league football by his late twenties.

Paolo is a licensed FA Intermediary.

“When I retired in 2011 I realised – too late – that I had failed to fulfil my potential as a player. Some of that was down to a lack of direction. I wanted to stay in the game but my opinion of agents was so low that I would have thought it impossible that I would work as one. The really pleasing thing is to be involved now in a new approach where we do our work in a way that is completely professional and focused only on the needs of the player. In other words we don’t just talk a good game, we actually live it and we live it as a team because most of us have seen how badly needed professional advice is in helping players in the game. That is why I find my work so rewarding.”

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