Jon McLeish

Jon McLeish is Head of Football Scotland and is based in Glasgow.

Jon did not have a career as a professional footballer but worked as a scout in both the FAPL and the Championship. Jon joined Platinum One Football to develop its business in Scotland where he has the specialised knowledge and contacts to assist young players from there but also to manage relationships with the Scottish clubs where some of our players get valuable experience on short term contracts or on loan.

Jon is a registered intermediary with the FA and SFA.

“I grew up in a football environment because my father played at the top level of the game and more recently has managed in Scotland, England and on the continent. From a young age I was aware of the importance my Dad place on having a professional source of independent advice and support around contracts and dealing with clubs. Through my scouting experience I then saw up close what passed for agency advice in the game and some of it was very poor indeed. I was hugely enthused by what Platinum One offered. Our approach is now proven and there’s no question but that we’re unique in how we go about our work with young players.”

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