Graham Barrett

gbarrettGraham Barrett is Head of Football Ireland and a Director of Platinum One.

In 2000, Graham captained Arsenal to win the FA Youth Cup and made a number of FAPL appearances – his first as a substitute for Thierry Henry – but illness and injury ravaged his career. Graham played in the Championship, League 1, the FAPL and the League of Ireland before a chronic knee problem forced him to retire early. Graham also won a European Under 16 title with Ireland, played a record 24 times for the Under 21 national team and scored 2 goals in his six appearances as a full international.

Graham is a licensed FA Intermediary and sanctioned to work with Minors.

“I was lucky to have had the one agent throughout my career and while I was expected to play at the top level when first illness and then a series of bad injuries ruined my prospects, my agent (Fintan Drury) never stopped supporting me. I knew that was very different to what most of my peers in the game experienced. When I finished playing Fintan and I talked about the need to put effort into representing young players in a way that no one else did. That’s what we set out to do and are now doing. It’s great. It’s rewarding because you can use your whole experience as a professional to have such a positive influence on emerging players”

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