Fintan Drury

FD4Fintan Drury is the Founder and Chief Executive of Platinum One.

Fintan has been involved in player representation for 25 years and after spending much of that time moaning about the dearth of standards in the industry decided, a number of years ago, to start again and build a new business with real football people who shared the ambition to operate to the highest standards. That is what Platinum One has come to represent.

“Life as a professional footballer is exciting and potentially very rewarding. It is also full of challenges some of which are particular to the sport in Britain. It is for this reason that the early stages of any player’s career would benefit from the special attention and care of Platinum One. Our team knows the pitfalls and the risks to be overcome if a young player is to realise his potential. Our team includes men who, just over a decade ago, were at that same point themselves and who, for reasons of injury, illness, form, lack of focus, or poor advice failed to be the professional footballers they could or should have been. Now they are core to the unique approach we take in working with today’s emerging talent to maximise their gifts. Their experience, allied to mine as one of the first UEFA licensed agents in the game, is highly relevant to young players and their families. Our advice is offered in a transparent, honest and consistent fashion.”

Fintan founded, developed and then sold what is Ireland’s premier corporate and financial Public Relations business, Drury Communications. He was Chairman of Paddy Power Betfair Plc; Hostelworld Plc; Mainstream Renewable Power; and RTÉ (Ireland’s public service broadcaster), and a non-executive Board member of Anglo Irish Bank Plc.

Fintan’s other current business interest is Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) one of the world’s largest independent developers of renewable energy. MRP’s Chairman on its foundation and for the first 4 years of the business, Fintan recently returned to the company’s board to assist with its global expansion in offshore wind and solar.

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