Danny Webber

Danny Webber is a Senior Intermediary based in Manchester

Danny was with Manchester United as a Youth but joined Watford in 2003 where he scored 17 goals in 55 appearances before he was sold to Sheffield United where he scored key goals that saw the club promoted to the FAPL in 2006/07. Danny made 110 appearances for Sheffield United before he joined Portsmouth but, in his late twenties, injuries started to undermine his progress and after spells with Portsmouth and Leeds United he played in the lower divisions and non league. Danny is one of the most respected and well liked figures in the game in the North of England.

“I knew Paolo Vernazza from playing at Watford and when he became involved in the agency world I knew that the approach of Platinum One had to be different from the norm for him to have done so. I was still unsure though because I had a pretty low opinion of agents in general. I’m working with Platinum One now for two years and it is exciting to see the progress we are making and the appetite there is among younger players and their families to be represented in a professional manner by a team of people that works with a singular focus – serving every player we represent in a way that allows them become better at what they do.”

Contact Danny: dwebber@platinumonegroup.com