What We Do

The Platinum One approach is built on the experience of its team of professional agents. It is a unique offering. Every player benefits from the collective experience and wisdom of the full team rather than the perspective of one agent.

The Platinum One approach is set by the company’s shareholders and board. From the outset the agency has adopted the best practices of big business but with the attention to detail that only small and medium sized people businesses know are essential to success. The business is professionally managed to the highest ethical standards.

This senior football management team, with the support of our wider team of agents and of full and part-time scouts, is committed to the provision of the best advice to players based on a small number of key principles.

  • Manage the player’s contracts to ensure his pay represents his true market value
  • Career plan so the player’s short term needs don’t harm his long term potential
  • Inform every decision that a player takes so that he does so with full knowledge
  • Guarantee ongoing attention 24/7 from a team of at least two agents
  • Provide ongoing counsel and assessment on all football and club matters
  • Commercial exploitation appropriate to each player’s status

What We Don’t Do

There are agents and intermediaries who buy player loyalty by providing incentives for them or family members to sign with their agency and who also offer services in areas which are not relevant. Platinum One does only what it is expert at doing. Nothing more. So, Platinum One will not:

  • Make payments to players or their families in order for them to sign with the Agency
  • Manage any player’s money – we will make introductions to independent professionals but the player/his family choose with whom to work/ We explicitly rule out commission based relationships with financial advisers who we recommend to players or their families
  • Make decisions for any player. Whether it is a choice of club or choice of financial adviser, our job is to inform the player (and his family) of his options and then allow the player to decide