Sky Andrew joins Platinum One

Thursday 22 September 2016

Sky Andrew, one of the most influential figures in player management in British football over the last 25 years, has joined Platinum One, merging his football interests with the agency that has focused particularly on the recruitment of young talent and has experienced strong growth in the last year.

In making the announcement today (September 22nd, 2016), Platinum One CEO, Fintan Drury, said that, while the agency’s plans meant incorporating a competitor into the Group was always something he had considered, the particular dynamic within the sector meant there would be few that would be appropriate, “I’ve known Sky a long time and admired his dedication to his players and his standards. We’ve been talking for about a year. Sky has now some other business interests in music and publishing and it became clear that he could best fulfil his ambition to remain active in football by moving the entire football part of his portfolio to Platinum One. We’re delighted to confirm that, with immediate effect, he will join the board and assume executive responsibility for the development of Platinum One in select overseas markets where we believe there’s earnings growth potential in football.”

Sky Andrew said the opportunities internationally were immense and he was a confident that he could use his contacts and influence to accelerate the growth of Platinum One and that his choice of agency was straightforward. “Fintan Drury has, like me, been around football for a quarter century. We have shared values and the new build, as it were, of Platinum One caught my attention in recent years. When I saw quality people like former Arsenal players Paolo Vernazza and Graham Barrett, then more recently, Danny Webber in the North West, commit to the agency I realised the interests of the player – and young players especially – were being put first. Platinum One has a momentum based on energy, commitment and excellence. I felt the time was right to move my football interests to a new home where the approach would mirror what I’ve worked hard to maintain in my time in the game.”

The agreement has immediate effect. Sky Andrew has been appointed as Director, International and Development. Fintan Drury stressed that Sky would remain very involved in player management in the UK, “In the modern game players need to be managed professionally by a team not by an individual agent and Sky Andrew’s experience and standing will enhance further Platinum One’s growing reputation for excellence. That word is central to our ambition and approach. Sky’s abilities will strengthen greatly what we do. That he has chosen to consider only Platinum One as a proper place for him to continue his work in football is an endorsement of what we have achieved in recent years.”